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Supercharge your software deployments

Deploy & patch line-of-business applications
to Microsoft Intune with just a click.



Gather in seconds

Select applications from our public repository or build and customise a private repository

Click & Deploy

Push any selected applications directly to Microsoft Intune

Save valuable time

Put your energy into the work that matters most

Auto-update applications

Automatic deployments

Schedule and push applications to Microsoft Intune with just a click. Choose any and all for auto-updates.

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Approval Flow

Stay in control

Use approvals to choose and monitor which applications you deploy and when.

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Public Repository

Largest selection of 3rd party software

Endpoint Admin eliminates the need for repetitive software update packaging for IT Administrators by using a shared global repository.



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Patch Management

Patch 3rd party software instantly

Stay safe and secure. Endpoint Admin updates all third-party applications, so you don’t have to.

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Application management - upload your own packages

Create your own repository as IT administrator

Upload and store in-house applications to a secure private repository until they’re ready for deployment.

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Save Time

Save time to focus on other tasks

Creating an application package takes time. Endpoint Admin does the work for you and lets you deliver your approved packages automatically.

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