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Deploy & patch your line-of-business applications
to Microsoft Intune with the click of a button.

Software Application Deployments to Microsoft Intune


Compile in seconds

Select and deploy either from our public repository or create a private repository

Deploy with a click

Easily push applications directly to Microsoft Intune with the click of a button

Put your time where it matters

Use the valuable time & resources you just saved on more pressing tasks

Microsoft Intune

Deploy directly to Microsoft Intune

Avoid spending time and work hours on creating application packages. Endpoint Admin lets you deliver and deploy tested and approved packages through Microsoft Intune. Our free software repository is updated continuously, and all applications are converted to a Win32 app automatically..

Converts to Win32 app

Instant feedback loop

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Application List

Access a global public repository

Our shared worldwide repository eliminates the need for constant software update packaging for IT Administrators.



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Update Management

Secure software tested and updated daily

Get the most current software thoroughly tested across different operating system versions. We utilise external security specialists to make penetration tests that ensure our product stays secure for our customers.

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Application management - upload your own packages

Build a private repository

Upload and store in-house applications to a secure private repository when they are ready for deployment.

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Our community

Community-based feature requests

We’re building Endpoint Admin to serve all our users. Is there a feature you want? See something that needs to be improved? We want to hear from you.

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More amazing features
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Audit log

Track and manage all your application packages in one place.


Automatic updates to all third-party applications.

Azure Single Sign-On

Auto-connect your workforce without the need for additional credentials.

Cloud-based core

Access Endpoint Admin securely from anywhere.

User Management

Manage user access only to the systems you want.

Approval flow

Create approval flows to manage different deployments.

Notifications system

Immediately know when deployments are complete.

Version alerts

Receive an alert when software is out of date or has been automatically updated.

Fair & clear pricing

Our ROI calculator tells you what you’ll spend and what you’ll save using Endpoint Admin – with no hidden costs.

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