Deploy software the easy way

Endpoint Admin lets you deploy & patch line-of-business applications to Microsoft Intune with just a click.

Endpoint Admin Software deployment


Trusted & used by the top software companies, teams & IT professionals

Software Application Deployments to Microsoft Intune

Automate your workflow

Spend less time with repetitive tasks and software updates and more on driving your business forward.

Fully Integrated with Microsoft Intune

Auto-update & approval flow

Utilise our large & secured public repository

Create private repositories for your business

See Endpoint Admin in action

IT Administrators

  • Supercharge your deployment flow
  • Save time on mundane tasks
  • Public & private software repositories
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IT Managers

  • Optimise your IT workforce output
  • Save time, resources & money
  • Automatic security patches
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Service Providers

  • Maintain software deployments
  • Multiple clients with a single all-in-one interface
  • Automatic updates
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